Market Development Subcommittee


To strengthen markets for Maine seafood products by attracting capital investments and developing greater economic prosperity in Maine’s marine resource economy for both existing and new businesses.


A better understanding of domestic and global markets for Maine seafood will strengthen Maine’s marine economy by identifying new and emerging market opportunities for Maine seafood. The subcommittee works to advance and support the market development of Maine’s marine economy including efforts to increase value-added opportunities and use of waste streams, develop new products, and grow high-value exports, all in an effort to increase jobs and wages across the state. The subcommittee is focusing on increasing Maine’s competitiveness and supporting efforts to market Maine’s seafood economy, attract investment, and connect the sector to new markets and resources.

Market Development



This subcommittee identifes market opportunities, capabilities, and competitiveness for Maine seafood and related products. 


Seafood Promotional Council

A key recommendation in the Roadmap, this Department of Economic and Community Development-funded project will pilot the development of a Seafood Promotional Council. Learn more and join the effort, which is being led by FocusMaine. 


Andrew Lively (Chair) 
Cooke Aquaculture (2021 – 2023)
Ocean Perfect (2023)

Sebastian Belle
Maine Aquaculture Association

Jesse Baines
Atlantic Sea Farms (2021 – 2023)

Bill Needleman
City of Portland Waterfront

Jeff Nichols
Department of Marine Resources

Ben Coniff
Lukes Lobster 

Peter DelGreco
Maine & Co.



Nick Branchina
CEI, Inc.

Sara Rademaker
American Unagi

Heather Sadusky
Maine Sea Grant

Ben Martens
Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association

Janine Bisaillon-Cary
Maine Center for Entrepreneurs

Kyle Foley

Courtney Cossgrove
Focus Maine