Bill Mook

Co-Chair & Owner of Mook Sea Farm

Originally from Cooperstown, New York, Bill founded Mook Sea Farm in 1985. He earned a BS in Environmental Sciences from Wesleyan University and came to Maine for graduate work at the Darling Marine Center, where he studied with a cohort of the original Damariscotta River aquaculturists. Bill continually seeks, develops, and tests new technologies aimed at improving the process and resiliency of growing shellfish at each stage of their life. Bill and his wife, Karen, have been married 40 years and live on the Sheepscot River in Newcastle, Maine.

Curt Brown

Co-Chair & Marine Biologist at Ready Seafood

Curt Brown is a Marine Biologist at Ready Seafood and a commercial lobsterman. Curt grew up lobstering and continues to lobster off of Cape Elizabeth out of his 33′ Crowley Beal. Curt also works as a Marine Biologist at Ready Seafood, focusing on collaborative research projects that improve the sustainability and value of Maine lobster.

Industry leaders who oversee the roadmap initiative and are responsible for monitoring the high-level strategy while driving the goals of this effort. This will result in a comprehensive roadmap and implementation action plan for the MLR economy. This focus area will hire and oversee the project management staff, coordinate the team’s efforts, inform meeting agendas and overall strategy.

SEAMaine’s project management team supports the efforts, communication, and administrative tasks to ensure the steering committee and subcommittees are effective and well resourced.

Inquiries through the Contact Us page will reach Maine Development Foundation, currently serving in this the project management role.