The Steering Committee oversees the roadmap initiative and members are responsible for monitoring the high-level strategy while driving the goals of this effort. This will result in a comprehensive roadmap and implementation action plan for the MLR economy. The focus of the committee is to coordinate the team’s efforts in the four work areas: Marine Resources & Data Benchmarking, Workforce & Talent Development, Market Development, and Opportunities & New Technology. In addition, the Steering Committee informs meeting agendas and overall strategy.

Project Goals

The goals of SEAMaine are to create growth and resiliency in Maine’s seafood economy by:

  • Providing support to sustain Maine’s existing marine resource businesses.
  • Supporting Maine’s coastal communities through the preservation and improvements of our working waterfronts.
  • Increasing the amount and value of marine living resources originating from Maine’s coastal waters in a way that minimizes the carbon footprint of the marine resource sector, increases competitiveness of Maine businesses, and maximizes resiliency and diversification.

Steering Committee Tasks and Action Items:

The Steering Committee:

  • oversees the roadmap initiative, providing oversight for the development of a strategic, action-oriented plan for the MLR economy
  • coordinates and monitors the progress of subcommittee efforts
  • leverages connections to support information gathering, and collectively analyze data and integrate subcommittee reports to make recommendations for implementation.

The Steering Committee is responsible for holding the big picture and driving goals while completing a comprehensive roadmap and implementation action plan for the Marine Living Resource economy.

Longer Term

SEAMaine’s reports, results, and network will be much longer lasting than the duration of the initial 3-year EDA grant. From the final roadmap will be implementable plans to a more resilient seafood economy bolstering the resiliency of Maine’s coast and beyond. The industry network and ties will facilitate shared solutions and information and partnerships.

Steering Committee Members

Curt Brown – Co-Chair
Ready Seafood

Dana O’Brien – Co-applicant

Brian Whitney – Co-applicant
Maine Technology Institute

Merritt Carey

Hugh Reynolds
Greenhead Lobster

George Seaver
Ocean Organics

Sara Rademaker
American Unagi

Andrew Lively
Cooke Seafood

Peter Handy
Bristol Seafood

Jennifer Cyr
Bristol Seafood

Liz Johndrow
Atlantic Sea Farms

Andrea Maker
Whole Oceans

Dianne Tilton
Downeast Institute

Bill Keleher
Kennebec River Biosciences

Jim Markos
Maine Shellfish

Keith Bisson
Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Hugh Cowperthwaite
Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Holly Parker
Bowdoin College

Jim McManus
Bigelow Labs

Sebastian Belle
Maine Aquaculture Association

Ben Martens
Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association

Patrice McCarron
Maine Lobstermen’s Association

Annie Tselikis
Maine Lobster Dealer’s Association

Peter DelGreco
Maine & Co.

Jonathan Labaree
Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Meredith Mendelson
Maine Dept. of Marine Resources

Charlotte Mace
Maine Dept. Economic & Community Development

Chris Davis
Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center

Jake Ward
University of Maine

Keri Kaczor
Maine Sea Grant


Maine State Delegation:

Adam Lachman – Senator King

Chris Rector – Senator King

Scott Wilkinson – Senator King

Mark Winter – Senator Collins

Carol Woodcock – Senator Collins

Rhiannon Hampson – Rep. Pingree

Morgan Urquhart – Rep. Golden

Jonathan Poole – Maine Dept. of Economic & Community Development