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Published September 11, 2023

Published June 28, 2023

Marine Living Resources Transportation and Logistics Dashboard

Published April 21, 2023

Marine Living Resource Needs and Opportunities in Transportation and Logistics Report

Published April 21, 2023

Published February 21, 2023

*This report shows the size and scope of the full seafood sector. Challenges in determining the size of specific harvest methods and species within this sector were highlighted and not attainable with current reporting and measurement tools.   The result is calculations that should be only seen as what they are; estimates.

Published February 15th, 2023

Published November 16th, 2022

Published November 16th, 2022

Published June 2022 


Submitted by the Co-Chairs of SEAMaine – Seafood Economic Accelerator for Maine (formerly MMERI); September 4, 2020

Submitted by the Co-Chairs of the Economic Development Administration’s Maine Marine Economy Roadmap Initiative (MMERI); June 12, 2020