Maine Seafood Promotional Council

Developing new seafood markets through promotion

In early 2024, FocusMaine was awarded a Domestic Trade Initiative grant from the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, which will support two years of a pilot Seafood Promotional Council.

Origins and Vision

Emerging from the Market Development Committee’s work (see the reports A Seafood Promotional Council for Maine, Multicultural Marketing Analysis: Cambodian and Vietnamese Seafood, and Cambodian Seafood Purchase Intent Study) the Maine Seafood Promotional Council is a key recommendation outlined in the Roadmap for the Future of Maine’s Seafood Economy. As a co-applicant and co-lead organizational member of SEA Maine, FocusMaine is proud to lead this initiative in partnership with various stakeholders.

Mission and Objectives

The objectives over the two-year pilot period are to:

  • Create a Seafood Promotional Council, and
  • Execute pilot projects to advance market development and expansion for Maine seafood.

Ultimately, this initiative intends to lay the foundation for an industry-led, financially sustainable permanent Council to advance the Maine seafood brand and expand sales into out-of-state markets, strengthening Maine’s overall food economy through the responsible use of the state’s natural resources.

If you are interested in joining this project, please email Anne Schlitt