New Opportunities & Emerging Technologies


The subcommittee will target emerging technologies, research and innovation on the forefront of the marine economy that increase commercialization, improve efficiency, support business development, and help create quality jobs. The focus of the Emerging Tech subcommittee will look at domestic and global trends in technology and new uses of all aspects of the seafood supply chain to inform the market development team by bringing forward technologies and innovation that match with market opportunities and develop strategies to attract investment in new technologies in the sector. The subcommittee will also examine Maine’s vulnerabilities to economic or environmental “shocks” and will identify strategies to prepare and respond to short and long-term disruptions enabling greater resiliency in the marine economy.

New Opportunities


To ensure that Maine has access to the best technologies and innovation, enabling Maine’s marine resource economy to attract investment and capitalize on opportunities to sustain, diversify, and grow the seafood sector.

Initial Primary Areas of Interest in Emerging Technology include:

  • Residual management/maximization – waste related to: production/harvesting; processing/value added/ biotechnology (bioactive compounds that can be extracted from marine organisms); packaging.
  • New Products & Species: equipment; gear; facilities; increase of health and safety of workforce/workplace
  • Operations & Supply chain: software (for direct sales); logistics/transportation
  • Industry threats/opportunities and mitigation: Vulnerabilities to environmental and economic shocks


  1.  Analyze potential emerging technology and innovation process opportunities. Inform SEAMaine on coordination of r&d and its role in developing new markets.
  2.  Develop a strategy around attraction of emerging technology that can support the market development efforts.
  3.  Coordinate with other innovation/emerging technology efforts in the state as part of an integrated seafood industry strategic plan (i.e. MTI; Biobased Maine, University/College efforts). 
  4.  Establish a pipeline for new technologies and matching opportunities that pair with industry needs. Develop a funding due diligence and vetting system for emerging technologies and opportunities that support growth, new product development, and efficiency in the sector.


Jake Ward – Co-Chair
James Beaupre – Co-Chair
University of Maine

Ashley Pringle
Maine & Co.

Bill Keleher
Kennebec River Bioscience

Chris Davis
Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center

Debbie Bouchard
Aquaculture Research Center

Dianne Tilton
Downeast Institute

David Reidmiller
Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Jared Wildwistle
Gulf of Maine Research Institute

George Seaver
Ocean Organics

Hugh Cowperthwaite
Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Hugh Reynolds
Greenhead Lobster

Jim Markos
Maine Shellfish

Curt Brown
Ready Seafood

Sebastian Belle
Maine Aquaculture Association

Patrick Arnold
New England Ocean Cluster

Susie Arnold
Island Institute