Jamie Cook, Senior Community Development Officer, Island Institute


I have held a lifelong fascination with solar energy and have experience with utility-level renewable energy programs. The opportunity to get involved with clean energy and a longstanding nonprofit in Maine led me to the Island Institute.


For me, my biggest challenge is keeping my professional spirit alive for clean energy work.  It can be disheartening to look at climate and environmental metrics that indicate we are still rapidly ruining the planet.  I hold out hope that we can leverage the technology of today to transition to energy systems that work in harmony with natural and human systems.

What I love about my work

With Maine’s vast coastline, peninsulas, islands, and waterways, I get this sense of rugged determination associated with making a living on or near the water.  I enjoy seeing new generations of people getting involved with heritage seafood businesses and adding new elements of technology to their operations.  I am inspired by the entrepreneurial energy along the waterfront and what that holds for marine-related energy businesses.  I love boats, marinas, and shipyards and Maine has plenty to offer!

I am excited that the Island Institute is taking part in the larger energy discussion for Maine and the Northeast.  I love being part of the ongoing discussion about energy futures with island and coastal communities. Sharing what I know about clean energy and helping others make informed decisions about energy projects is very rewarding to me.

 I love working with passionate professionals that are engaged with communities, focused on the present, and planning for a more equitable energy future.  I truly enjoy exploring new communities in Maine and the Northeast.  I love islands and the coast.